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Remote Desktop Access (with either RDP/MSTSC or an Irras Generated Client). Irras enables any of your Windows 2003/2008/2012, SBS and VISTA, W7, W8, even Home editions to act as a Citrix or a Terminal Server, supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections, printer mapping, disk mapping, port com mapping, dual screen and many more.

Irras built-in HTML5 client provides a browser access to Windows applications and user desktops from all types of end-user devices, without having to install anything on the device. Using HTML5 client, users can remotely connect to their Windows computer from their iPad, Android tablet or Smartphones and regular computers from any point worldwide.

Publish applications for a selection of users and/or groups and they will have access only to their applications through Irras Remote Taskbar and Irras Floating Panel or Irras Application Portal (no Windows “Start” menu, no Windows desktop). Using a Floating Panel or Remote Taskbar for publishing the applications on the client site Desktop.

Publish applications through the web and your users will be able to access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon in Irras Web Portal.

Irras allows publishing of a single application for a given user. The application will be displayed on the local user desktop, not on a remote desktop standard session (like Citrix / MS RDS application).

Irras Universal Printer enables you to print from any location over the Client, without having to install any specific printer driver.

The new Irras load balancing feature can split the load between multiple servers of your cluster. It also allows falling back to failover servers in case of a production incident.

Irras Administrator Tool is a unique application that centralizes all of the server’s configuration tools, including Windows features, in one easy-to-use interface. The new Webmaster Toolkit for an easy Portal customization and with the new Application Assignation tool allows for Irras ease-of-use customization.

The small Irras built-in HTTP Web Server enables you to connect from any web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and many other Browsers. The provided html pages includes Windows, Linux and MAC web access clients, as well as a JAVA client for any JAVA-enabled web browser.





Windows applications

RemoteApp on any system


Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS)

Compatible with any existing network

Java Client

HTML5 Client


No need for Windows Terminal Server CALs

Compatible with XP/W7/W8/SBS operating system

Support unlimited number of sessions


Preview with the local PDF Reader

PDF printing on the local default printer

PDF printing with Web Access


Based on RDP standard


User remote Task Bar as one alternate Windows shell

Drag & Drop wizard to assign application to users

Easy to install and to deploy


Unrestricted concurrent licenses


Install, configure and deploy in less than one day

Publishes XP application on XP servers

One .exe file for user connection bundling all requested components

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